At the end of the 1940s Julia leaves Madrid depressed by the detention of her boyfriend and lover, José Miguel. He is a painter whose ideas run contrary to the present regime. Julia is the only daughter of a wealthy family and is a woman of great culture, educated in Switzerland and England. When we first meet her she is driving towards the family manor house in which she spent so many happy summers in her childhood.

Director: José Luis Garci
Script: J. Luis Garci, Horacio Valcárcel
Producer: José Luis Garci
Director of production: Luis María Delgado
Cameraman: Raúl Pérez Cubero
Set Designer: Gil Parrondo
Photography: Raúl Pérez Cubero
Music: Pablo Cervantes

Julia: Lydia Bosch
Pilara: Ana Fernández
Tía Gala: Julia Gutiérrez Caba
Don Matías: Juan Diego
Manuel Lozano, Iñaki Miramón, Carlos Hipólito, Fernando Guillén, Marisa de Leza, Jesús Puente, Francisco Algora, José Caride, Alfonso Delgado, Concha G. Conde.

Other scenes from this film were shot on the beach at Borizu
(location 14) and Cuevas del Mar (location 18)

Purón: Is located about 11 km from Llanes on the skirts of the Sierra del Cuera. It has beautiful examples of traditional architecture as well as that of the Indianos. You can also take a route to the source of the river Purón, which is easy to get to as well as being a comfortable walk. This is a lovely walk which goes alongside the river amongst lush vegetation.

   Preparing to film a scene in Purón
   The River Purón

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