The film tells the story of two writers in love with the same woman. They worked together for years then one day they separate. After 10 years Ditirambo goes to find Rocabruno to get at least one last story out of him. In Epilogue Gonzalo Suárez wanted the literature and the cinematography to flow together as one, rather than making just an adaptation of the story.

Director: Gonzalo Suárez
Script: Gonzalo Suárez con la colaboración de Miguel Angel Barbero y Juan Potau
Producer: Gonzalo Suárez and RTVE
Executive producer: José Jacoste
Director of photography: Carlos Suárez
Set Designer: Wolfgang Burmann

Ditirambo: José Sacristán
Rocabruno: Francisco Rabal
Laina: Charo López
Ana: Sandra Toral
Manuel Zarzo, Cyra Toledo, Sonia Martínez, José Arranz, Manuel Calvo, Chus Lampreave, David Vélez, Martín Adjemian.


Posada (Railway station): Posada is located in the western part of the borough, 8 km from Llanes. It is the second most important town in the borough. Posada has become the crossroads for the interchange of business and services between the the coast and the inland valleys of the area. Its weekly market has contributed towards this role.

The market is every Friday and is one of the most popular in the borough. Posada is the point of access to the National Park of the Picos de Europa.

   A confrontation between the two main characters
   The railway station at Posada
   A scene from the film

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