AOOM 1969


The film tells the story of Ristol, an actor who is tired of himself and the world. He tires to escape from his body, which imprisons him. This is the first full length feature film made in the eastern part of Asturias by Gonzalo Suárez. It is one of his most important films. In this film he has mixed various genres, humour, tragedy and adventure to tell a story of impossible love.

Director and script: Gonzalo Suárez
Producer: Enrique Esteban
Executive Producer: Carlos Boue
Photography: Carlos Suárez
Musical Director: Alfonso Sainz
Costume design: Helene Girard
Editor: Maricel
Camera: Carlos Suárez
Music based on the Works of Alfonso Sainz,
placed by Los Pekenikes and Taranto´s
Production: Hersua Interfilmses y Taranto’s
Producción: Hersua Interfilms

Ristol: Lex Baker
Ana: Teresa Gimpera
Loco de Amor: Julián Ugarte
Pescadora: Romy
Constantino: Luis Ciges

The Beach at Toró was also the location for scenes from La Balsa de piedra, El Abuelo, El detective y la muerte and the television series Una gloria nacional.

The Beach at Toró: located at the east of the town of Llanes, has been awarded the Q for Quality award and a series of Blue Flag awards since 1996. It has a shape like a shell and is 220 m long. There are rocky pinnacles in the beach, which are the remains of limestone formations. It has a wide range of services and equipment.

   Filming on the beach at Toró
   The beach at Toró
   Preparing to film the TV. series Una gloria nacional

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