The film begins with the detention of Cebrían, a worker in the furnaces in Asturias. He is detained in the station of the Guardia Civil. Here he has to give account for the trail of disasters caused by his group of friends during a day out on the town. What starts out as just another binge changes into a nightmare of violence, alcohol and sex.

Director: Gonzalo Suárez
Scripts: Eduardo B. Amor and G. Suárez
Executive Producer: José S. Vaquero
Director of Photography: Carlos Suárez
Set Designer: Ramiro Gómez
Musical Director: Juan José García Caffi

Bocas: José Luis Gómez
Cibrián: José Sacristán
Milhombres: Antonio Ferrandis
Profesor: Fernando Fernán Gómez
La Rajada: Charo López

The Historia de un beso, by José Luis Garci (Location 12) was
filmed on the paseo de San Pedro (ver localización 12)

El Cercáu: A palace complex, built in the Renaissance style, dating from the sixteenth century. This is closed-in, in part by the medieval town wall.

The Culture Centre: The Palace of Posada Herrera, dates from the XVIIth and the beginning of the XVIIIth century. It was constructed in the Classic style. This was the house where Posada Herrera was born, an important politician and economist from the second half of the XIXth century.

The Paseo de San Pedro: This was built in 1847, it is a cliff top walk, covered in grass. It makes a really spectacular look out point over the town of Llanes and the mountain range, la sierra del Cuera. For many centuries it was used as a look out for whales, shoals of fish or enemy ships.

   José Sacristán, José Luis Gómez and Antonio Ferrandis
   José Luis Gómez
   The porch of the basilica Santa María del Conceyu (Llanes)

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